in April 2000 at Chicago, U.S.A. ,what is worth special mention is that Jcob have complete & professional knowledge on freight forwarding, NVOCC, air consolidation especially barge arrangement and heavy haul transportation which are indispensable in conducting orders of exports and imports of steel and machineries in United States.
 is to provide quality and customer service at a competitive price and a fair profit. Customer service means satisfying the customer every time with every transaction we make. We aim to dominate the freight forwarding & warehousing in the states we serve by providing a comprehensive package of integrated and creative logistics solutions that includes true regional coverage, Electronic Data Interchange(EDI), web-based customer access, and first-class warehousing and information services.
 is the cornerstone of our commitment to excellence. Working together Jcob employees show tremendous pride in their company. Our management style reflects efforts to keep pace in an increasingly competitive environment by encouraging more innovation, challenging methods of operation, and striving to create value in everything we do.
  is to identify and perfect the processes we use to perform tasks so that our total system is continually improving. This will afford more time planning and designing, rather than diagnosing and correcting. The greatest opportunity to secure a competitive advantage is through a diverse, highly motivated and well trained work force.
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